Why does a former government intelligence officer start a risk management company?

In 2005, as a PHD and tenured university professor, Dr. Hughes completed research for her whitepaper, “The Cost of Scandal”, examining the widespread impact of failing to manage risk in corporations and higher education. Following its publication, Dr. Hughes became convinced of a need for higher quality background checks and better tools for protecting from risks that are ongoing. It was during this time that Dr. Hughes founded RiskAware with the single desire to provide the most comprehensive risk management services available. Soon after, RiskAware launched its Red Flag Incident Reporting and Management System to help organizations track and respond to risks and threats in real time.

Nine years later, Stephanie’s vision, passion, and commitment to serve clients threat awareness needs through quality reviews and risk management solutions has not wavered. Today, RiskAware supplies one of the industry’s broadest range of personnel risk management solutions, empowering hiring decisions and improving responsiveness to ongoing threatening or risky behavior. We help you protect your organization and employees from workplace violence, theft, and fraud – better securing your organization’s reputation and financial assets.