• SwiftAware

SwiftAware is a feature of RiskAware’s Order Entry system that uses a customized link to allow applicants the ability to complete the screening ordering process by submittingtheirowninformation online.

Accessed through RiskAware’s Client Portal order entry screens, once a candidate’s name and email address is entered, a link is forwarded to your applicant through email or your company’s web-site.


By clicking on the automatically generated link, the applicant is brought securely into RiskAware’s Background Check Software system.

  • Customizable Applicant Instructions – After connecting to RiskAware’s background check system, the applicant will be given instructions on how to complete the information needed to place the Background or Drug Screen order. You may customize these instructions as needed to reflect your organization’s requirements, and to make it easier for your applicants to follow your directions. You will also have the option to add pop-up windows on screens to draw greater attention and focus to your instructions.
  • Customized Package Selection—The appropriate package is selected by the client at the time the link is sent to the applicant and cannot be altered by the applicant. The applicant cannot add or delete searches included in this pre-selected package.
  • Online FCRA Compliant Summary of Rights and Electronic Consent Forms- Once the applicant has indicated understanding of the instructions, he or she will be redirected to FCRA compliant Summary of Rights and an Electronic Consent form. By typing his or her name, date of birth, and confirming review of the Summary of Rights and Consent Forms, your applicant provides the necessary consent electronically so that information may be taken online to complete a Background Check or Drug Screen.
  • Applicant electronic data entry- Applicants are directed to an order entry screen which asks for address and SSN and any other information required to complete the Background Check or Drug Screen package you have selected. Applicants are automatically directed to fill in missing information by yellow color coded search bars until all searches are indicated complete in green. Applicants will be able to see but not change the content of searches that you have ordered and for which their order details are required.
  • Electronic Confirmations of Orders – Applicants will receive confirmation once they have completed their information inputs and submitted their order.
  • Optional Review of Applicant Input Information- Once the applicant has completed input of all needed information, you may or may not require your own review of submitted data in order to check accuracy. If you elect not to program your own review of applicant’s SwiftAware data then once applicant has completed order entry, this information is sent directly to RiskAware to begin processing. If your settings program applicant data for your own review before submission to RiskAware then candidate’s order information is returned to your Client Portal to remain on hold in the your account until you cancel, review, or order the request through to RiskAware.