RiskAware’s Seven Point Quality Process ensures comprehensive research, improving our accuracy and compliance.

  1. RiskAware’s Private Investigation begins with Client’s Order Entry data which is reviewed before it is sent into research by comparing it to immediately available Address History / Social Security Trace information to ensure accuracy, conformity, and relevance. No junk in = no junk out!
  2. RiskAware supervises and obtains Consent and Disclosure forms.
  3. RiskAware inspects database search results, applying expertise as needed to redirect searches, remove records unrelated to your candidate, and/or clearing data integrity issues to accelerate final results and better control costs.
  4. RiskAware double confirms final results data, looking for two or more identifiers to certify information, or to identify false positives.
  5. RiskAware investigates found records (“hits”) at the source for increased accuracy and to research final disposition versus automatically releasing instant results without verification.
  6. RiskAware thoroughly verifies employment, education, and professional credentials in-house no matter how many phone calls are required.
  7. RiskAware reviews final reports, certifying complete when information is reviewed accurate, legally reportable, and compliant with FCRA, EEOC and State laws, enforceable guidelines, and/or restrictions.