• Employee Rescreening & Renewal strong>

After initial pre-employment background checks have been completed, RiskAware’s Employee Rescreening and Renewal capabilities allow clients to easily recheck applicants either individually or as a group.

 Employee Rescreening – Using RiskAware’s easy to use Background Check Software System, Clients may recall previously screened applicant names into their Dashboard desktop and perform an updated background checks in real time. The applicant’s information (name, DOB, SSN, and address) is auto-populated from the original search and clients can either rerun the original package, or choose a new package or individual search type.

 Employee Renewal –An auto-renewal date on also be chosen to automatically prompt clients to rescreen that applicant on a certain date. These rescreen reminders improve compliance and productivity in repeating one or more RiskAware Screens services, as needed, to stay risk aware of employee threats beyond the date of hire.

Steps for Renewals:

        1. Client Administrator accesses a candidate’s record and enters an auto-renewal date for one or more searches or the entire report.
          • Changes to Rescreening requests can be made at any time.
        2. RiskAware system automatically scans each day for auto renewal dates and alerts Administrator on rescreens.
        3. Administrator can:
          • Order now
          • Reschedule
          • Or Decline using options for employees who are no longer with the company or for whom the rescreen no longer applies.
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