As a small or medium sized business, your hiring selections can have a big impact on your company’s progress in meeting its strategic goals. Good hiring decisions can deepen your value proposition and accelerate your success, while hiring the wrong person can set back your organization, hinder objectives, invite risk, and in the worst cases legal liability. Business clients rely upon their Background Check provider to offer the portfolio of search products helpful to assessing applicant’s character, judgment, trustworthiness, and patterns of past behavior. In addition, Business clients need help with navigating areas of legal compliance when managing the screening process. You depend on the expertise of your Background Check provider to help eliminate liability when asking for, reporting out, and using information. Lastly, Businesses want Background Check partners who offer electronic system tools for managing Background, Drug, and Social Media searches that are easily integrated within current HR processes. Business clients have high demands for Background Check expertise that go beyond database checks, yet many companies are unaware what they are missing!

RiskAware is a Risk Mitigation specialist, partnering with our Business clients to help protect against business risk by providing cost competitive Background Check investigations on our client’s candidates to reveal risky or threatening past behavior. By performing the highest quality checks, managed through licensed private investigators you are assured superior results that will help you make improved hiring decisions. We report information to our clients in full compliance with FCRA, EEOC, and State law to protect your company from risk of lawsuit. Our efficient, web-based order entry and report management system wraps around your Background, Drug, and Social Media Check process to improve your productivity and turn-around times with most reports back within 24-48 hours. RiskAware risk experts are also available to assist with policy consultation.

Business Packages:

Executive Manager Staff
Recommended Search Package:
Social Security Number Trace favicon favicon favicon
National Criminal Record Database Search favicon favicon favicon
Sex Offender Registry favicon favicon favicon
County Criminal Records Search (7 years or 3 counties) favicon favicon favicon
Education Verification favicon favicon
Employment Verification favicon favicon favicon
Motor Vehicle Record Check favicon favicon
Drug & Alcohol Testing favicon favicon favicon
Sanctions Check favicon
Social Media Check favicon
Red Flag favicon favicon favicon
Optional Recommended Searches:
Federal Criminal Record Search favicon
Credit Report favicon