Candidates applying for Information Technology jobs are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds both domestic and foreign. Additionally, IT workers are given access to sensitive information and system codes, as well as hardware, software, and system programming processes that make it more critically important to evaluate your organization’s security and risk in hiring candidates for these roles. Often, Information Technology employees work in teams, highlighting the importance too of personal habits and issues of characters to group dynamics.

RiskAware offers a comprehensive portfolio of Background Check services that are ordered via easy to use on line systems, and administrated by our staff of Licensed Private Investigators. Background Checks, Drug Screen, Credential Verification, Reference Checks, and Social Media Searches including International checks can be tailored on the fly into customizable “packages” to help keep costs in focus while determining the past histories of your candidates to improve hiring decisions. Turnaround time is fast with most searches returned within 24-48 hours.

Information Technology Firm Recommended Packages:

Executive Manager Programmer
Recommended Search Package:
Social Security Number Trace favicon favicon favicon
National Criminal Record Database Search favicon favicon favicon
Sex Offender Registry favicon favicon favicon
County Criminal Records Search (7 years or 3 counties) favicon favicon favicon
Education Verification favicon
Employment Verification favicon favicon
Sanctions Check favicon favicon
Red Flag favicon favicon favicon
Optional Recommended Searches:
Drug & Alcohol Testing favicon
Reference Checks favicon
Social Media Check favicon