RiskAware’s website, newsletters, proposal and marketing tools, and additional content post information related to various legal and legislative topics that affect RiskAware’s general industry and marketplace.   This content is informational and should not be construed as legal advice.

RiskAware advocates that clients and consumers seek legal counsel when addressing legal questions, issues, and/or legislative concerns or matters, as they arise.

RiskAware is NOT Legal Counsel

RiskAware’s business is to provide legally compliant Consumer Reports (Background Checks) to employers who use these reports to make hiring decisions.  At the same time, it is also our company’s responsibility as a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) to partner with our Clients in developing a background check process that respects and complies with Federal, States, and Municipal laws and guidelines; and administrates candidate’s rights to privacy and fairness.    While RiskAware and it’s employees take a role in informing Clients legal process, through our Legal Notices, Sample Documents, and consultation, at no time does RiskAware or our employees represent ourselves as Client’s legal counsel; nor does it offer advice that usurps or seems to take the place of Client’s own legal counsel.   RiskAware actively encourages Clients to work with their own  legal counsel to ensure that their Client policies and procedures related to the use of RiskAware provided information are in compliance with applicable state and federal  laws.