Sports leagues and Athletics programs are organizations that traditionally bring together youth and volunteers. Within Athletics there is an acute responsibility to protect youth who participate from risks that otherwise may be unknown to them. Unfortunately, sports leagues and athletics have to be on the watch for sexual predators or other violent offenders who join these types of volunteer organizations in order to target children. While there is an overt need for Background Checks in Athletics, leagues often lack the budget or administrative focus needed to attend a strong background screening programs and better protect youth.

RiskAware offers low cost background searches that help youth athletics leagues maintain a safe environment by providing background screening solutions you can afford. RiskAware background searches are supervised by Licensed Private Investigators and check for criminal past, sex offense records, and government and financial sanctions, amongst other low cost searches. RiskAware helps volunteer athletics organizations maintain safe environments by reducing league risk, liability, damage to reputation, but most importantly the potential harm you expose your youth to in playing for your teams and coaches.

Athletics Packages:

Administration Coach Volunteer
Recommended Search Package:
Social Security Number Trace favicon favicon favicon
National Criminal Record Database Search favicon favicon favicon
Sex Offender Registry favicon favicon favicon
County Criminal Records Search (7 years or 3 counties) favicon favicon
Motor Vehicle Record Check favicon
Sanctions Check favicon
Red Flag favicon favicon favicon
Optional Recommended Searches:
Education Verification favicon
Employment Verifications favicon
Drug & Alcohol Testing favicon favicon
Social Media Check favicon