Why You Need Red Flag

Red Flag provides:

  • Enterprise-wide Incident Tracking and Reporting Solution

    RiskAware’s Red Flag system is an enterprise solution that allows you to aggregate incident reports from across your organization into a single location for secure review, investigation, follow up, reporting and analysis. Red Flag manages your organizations risk proactively, by enabling risk reporting as it takes place and across your entire community. Additionally, Red Flag stores and preserves reported incidents critical details and follow ups into a central database that can be quickly analyzed in real time for trend identification on immediate and long-term threats. As a web based system, Red Flag is always on, can be engaged by any internet enabled device, and can be utilized by all members of your enterprise community regardless of their location, time zone, position in the organization or relationship to the organization. By providing visible, easy to use, enterprise-wide access to anonymous Incident Reporting, not only do you make it easier for members of your extended community to report their concerns to you, but also you punctuate your organization’s desire to be informed of wrongdoing wherever it occurs. This step is important to keeping your organization’s culture safe, open and better protected from threats.

  • Proactive View of Risk Directly from your Dashboard

    RiskAware’s Red Flag system provides a pro-active, web-based, anonymous, and strategic view of your organizations entire risk profile visible through one centralized client dashboard. Red Flag Incident Reports are automatically gathered to a single point forming a repository where investigation, follow up, reporting and trend analysis can then be directed and performed. By viewing your incidents on one Dashboard, you gain a holistic view of risks facing your organization, and enable your organization managers and administrators to direct appropriate responses to help increase safety and reduce liability. Red Flag uses the concepts of recognizing smaller pre-cursor events to predict potentially larger more dangerous events. Use Red Flag’s Dashboard presentation and system to maintain a strategic view of existing risks and potential threats in your environment, so you can act before a crisis.

  • Streamlined Interconnected Communications

    Red Flag provides a centralized reporting channel to ensure that critical information does not get lost and managers and administrators are always in position to intervene and respond appropriately to issues of concern. Organizations necessarily serve disparate stakeholder groups. Often, information from one group needs to reach the other, but current communications systems fall short of allowing the proper flow of information in a timely manner.

    Interconnecting communications is an efficient, productive way to meet all stakeholder needs, keeping information and data in one place for easy access and evaluation. Using Red Flag’s automatic routing and alert features, when incidents are reported, team members you designate are informed and provided links to begin response to case data. This ensures the right administrators, managers or teams are immediately informed on issues, so that communication between departments related to cases is improved, and engagement between Reporters and Investigator teams are streamlined and accelerated when responding to cases and concerns. Even when used anonymously, Red Flag gives investigators a way to communicate with reporters so the organization can respond immediately, while at the same time maintaining confidentiality for the reporter.

  • Automated Case Management

    RiskAware’s Incident Management software provides a workflow format for consistently case managing issues and events reported from all areas of your organization. Using Red Flag, case data is available at your fingertips including documents, notes, and transaction history, Because incidents are routed at once and immediately to designated responder Teams there is increased interconnected communication between departments, enhanced collaboration, and more effective case management.

  • Compliance with Regulations

    RiskAware’s Red Flag software complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additionally, customized Red Flag reports can be set up to provided Clery Act Reporting, required by all schools and universities receiving any federal funding.

  • Scaled For Your Size and Budget

    RiskAware’s Fully Featured Red Flag Solution is offered at a variety of price points depending on organization size, and can be scaled to your organizations Budget – without sacrifice to feature and functionality.

How it Works

Red Flag allows anyone within your organization who witnesses some sort of unusual situation to report an incident, effectively transforming your entire community into your risk management team. To illustrate Red Flag’s ease of use, here’s an overview of some common tasks:

  1. reporter login

    A reporter accesses your branded Red Flag portal through a link on your website or intranet.

  2. reporter form

    He or she completes the report form you have customized to capture the exact level of detail you require.

  3. The reporter receives a generated username and password to track the incident and securely communicate with your team – even anonymously!

    username password

  4. alert

    You and the designated members of your team are alerted to the new incident and can begin your investigation.

  1. incident details

    Click the URL provided in the notification to go directly to the details of the new incident.

  2. update investigation

    Assign one or more team members to the investigation. Red Flag also allows an unlimited number of categories for accurate, compliant reporting.

  3. alert

    The assigned team members are notified regarding the new investigation. Red Flag ensures that team member can only view what you authorize.

  4. The assigned team members log in to add notes, file attachments, and communicate with the incident’s reporter – even anonymously!

    send message

In addition, Red Flag is highly configurable, allowing for multiple types of incidents, anonymous reporting and communication, location tracking, and much more!

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