Not All Background Checks Are Created Equal

Background Checks are like insurance policies; protecting your workplace by informing on criminal histories or patterns of poor decision making. Background Checks offer scaling levels of risk protection as you move from Database checks, to more Investigative searches requiring more expertise but also revealing more about your applicant’s character. Here is an overview of the types of reports RiskAware provides and how they deepen your protections.

  • Database Checks

    Database Checks provide near-instant results from a variety of sources, but may not represent a complete picture of your applicant. RiskAware improves protections when using Database Reports with our 7 Point Quality Process, improving accuracy and compliance.

  • Verifications

    Verifications require RiskAware team member investigation via phone and/or email to measure your candidate’s character and integrity by confirming resume credentials at the sources.

  • Court Record Searches

    Court Records Searches deepen Private Investigation on your candidate. We send personnel to Federal District and County courthouses nationwide to pull physical records and perform research. Upon finding criminal records, RiskAware takes action, verifying accuracy, currency, reportability, and generating Pre and Adverse Action Letters when requested to ensure a fair legal process for both the client and candidate.

  • Other Specialized Searches

    Each client industry will have unique risks that may require additional screening types to help safeguard and protect client assets. RiskAware Investigators manage a variety of specialized searches that help isolate various types of risky behavior whether that be vehicular, financial, medical, or when behavior has resulted in debarments.

Types of Checks

Other Core Services

We offer a variety of additional services to augment your background check package.