The Insurance Industry is acutely aware of the practical costs of risk in perhaps every area of doing business. For that reason, employers in this industry demand quality information on past criminal and financial behaviors, substance abuse, and social media habits to empower hiring decisions and allow evaluation against criteria tied to positive outcomes. Insurance Brokers and Agents represent Insurance carrier lines to consumers and must be carefully screened as representatives to your business to protect the risk to your reputation. Reporting compliance to laws and industry specific requirements must also be safeguarded during the background check process for Insurance Industry related positions.

RiskAware offers a comprehensive suite of Background Check services serving the needs of Insurance organizations. In compliance with the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act and various State Regulatory Laws, we are able to tailor our “packages” for executives, employees, brokers or agents, as well prescribe solutions for Special Investigation Units to meet your specific needs. RiskAware’s searches will assist Insurance Industry employers especially assess candidate’s track record of financial responsibility and ensure there are no government sanctions in place against your candidate or his or her business. RiskAware skilled searches are led by Licensed Private Investigators and meet Insurance Industry employer’s requirements for quality information. Our web based order entry and report management system offer the automated information system tools Insurance Industry clients look for to manage Background Check workflows and processes productively.

Insurance Packages:

Screen Type: Executive Agent / Broker Staff
Recommended Search Package:
Social Security Number Trace favicon favicon favicon
National Criminal Record Database Search favicon favicon favicon
Sex Offender Registry favicon favicon favicon
County Criminal Records Search (7 years or 3 counties) favicon favicon favicon
Federal Criminal Record Search favicon favicon
County Civil Record Search favicon
Education Verification favicon favicon
Employment Verification favicon
Credit Report favicon
Federal Bankruptcy Check favicon
Sanctions Check favicon favicon
Red Flag favicon favicon favicon
Optional Recommended Searches:
Professional License / Credential Verification favicon
Motor Vehicle Record Check favicon
Drug & Alcohol Testing favicon
Social Media Check favicon