In today’s environment, there is no greater priority for Higher Educational institutions than the protection of students and the provision of a safe environment supporting students to learn, study, grow, and contribute. Secondarily important to that is guarding your organizations reputation, public trust, and tradition.

Education clients represent the single largest segment of RiskAware’s current business and our commitment to keeping campus safe cannot be understated. Our founder Dr. Stephanie Hughes is a PHD and tenured teaching professor of Higher Ed and is active in publishing research on risk mitigation on campus, Much of our history has been focused on improving threat awareness in schools, and helping our education clients maintain a safe campus. RiskAware pioneered the industry’s first Anonymous Risk Reporting system, Red Flag, to help schools survey their environment for potentially risky behavior.

Comprehensive, professional, and investigative background checks on faculty, staff, coaches, student athletes, employees, and even applicants enables you to provide the most secure setting for your workforce and student population. Our staff of Licensed Private Investigators holding minimum of Master’s degree education, supervise 100% of RiskAware’s criminal and background checks, including Drug and Social Media searches. Our searches reveal risks our competitors miss, because of our advanced training, expertise, due diligence and focus.


Faculty Staff Student
Recommended Search Package:
Social Security Number Trace favicon favicon favicon
National Criminal Record Database Search favicon favicon favicon
Sex Offender Registry favicon favicon favicon
County Criminal Records Search (7 years or 3 counties) favicon favicon 1 county
Education Verification favicon
Sanctions Check favicon favicon
Red Flag favicon favicon favicon
Optional Recommended Searches:
Employment Verifications favicon
Motor Vehicle Record Check favicon favicon
Drug & Alcohol Testing favicon
Social Media Check favicon