Wherever Your Candidate Is, RiskAware Can Help

When your candidates have lived or reside outside the U.S. verifying backgrounds internationally is difficult. Foreign countries have individual standards, unique practices and technologies for maintaining records, as well as country specific laws and practices governing access to information. You need a Background Screening partner with experience when handling international background checks.

Throughout our operations, RiskAware has reliably provided International Screening, typically using our own in house staff. We supplement these efforts using international research partners when in country specific expertise, knowledge, language skills, or on the ground assets (in four continents); is required to help navigate country specific practices, compliances, regulations, or local laws. As well, RiskAware’s International Partners hold SafeHarbor certification.

Unparalleled Global Reach

RiskAware is able to extend Background Check services for over 200 countries spanning the Caribbean, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific. While RiskAware’s global business is officially conducted in English, we are able to manage requirements for documents translation or correspondence with applicants in multiple languages. The overall turnaround time for the 20 most commonly requested countries averages approximately 6 days, with the majority of criminal searches taking an average of 10 days or less.

International search options include:

Doing business in the US and India?

Do you have locations in the US and India and need to transact Background Checks in both countries? RiskAware can help!

  • Mature and proven processes and technology
  • A standard, repeatable, and reliable quality of service
  • Unmatched turn-around-time
  • Secure data processes
  • Ethical business practices