Red Flag is designed to accommodate many different implementation strategies ranging from an anonymous system open to the entire campus community, a self-identified system open to limited to groups, a password-protected limited access system or a completely closed system used only by a school’s Threat Assessment Team.

  • Enterprise-wide access

    Red Flag can be set up as an open, enterprise-wide incident reporting system, offering reporters options to submit Incident Reports either anonymously or self-identified. We recognized that there were several options that schools were considering as alternate implementation schemes described below.

  • Restricted Use – Multifunctional Team Access

    Red Flag can be set up to limit access to the Reporting Interface to only certain permitted groups or teams you designate and approve for access. With this option, reports would only be entered by a closed group of well-known staff who would collect outside reports from traditional sources, follow up and enter only those incidents believed to be pertinent. This access option also allows Red Flag to host many disparate Reporting Type applications segregated under differing web based Incident Report Forms that are monitored and supervised by Teams that are distinct from one another functionally within the organization.

  • Restricted Use – One Team Access

    The most limited form of access would be to allow only group’s Team Leaders and Members to use the system. This set up essentially allows the organization to continue with its existing manual processes for gathering reports (i.e. letters, emails, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings) that are later implemented into Red Flag so that functions resident to Red Flag’s Incident Manager can be utilized to organize information and generate reports.