• Is RiskAware’s research available to me as a client?

    Yes, our clients have access to the research conducted by our founder, Dr. Stephanie Hughes, and other partners. View our research and white papers

  • What type of webinars does RiskAware offer? When are they offered and what is the cost?

    RiskAware offers webinars on a variety of topics such as “Background Checks 101,” “The Pros & Cons of Background Checking Your Students,” “How Universities Use the Red Flag Incident Reporting System to Meet a Variety of Needs”. Webinars are held several times a year, based on demand. They are usually free for clients, and often free for the general public as well.

Background Checks

  • What are the various types of background check services RiskAware offers?

    RiskAware can perform just about any type of background check service required, except fingerprint checks. Typical services include:
    Social Security Trace
    Nationwide Criminal Record Search
    County Criminal Record Search
    Nationwide Sex Offender Search
    Motor Vehicle Records Search
    Education Verification
    Employment Verification
    Motor Vehicle Records Search
    Statewide Criminal Record Search
    FBI Most Wanted Search
    Civil Court Search, Upper & Lower Courts
    Military Search Verification
    Credit Report
    Drug Screening, 5 or 10 Panels Report
    Internet Media Search
    FACIS, Levels 1, 2 & 3
    Global Report
    International Searches

    If you have a special request not listed here, please contact us.  Searches are available either a la carte or can be customized into packages specific needs.

  • Why do I need to include the SSN when requesting a report?

    The social security number is used to conduct an address history/social security trace, which is the first step in any thorough background check. The address history/social security trace is an instant search which shows us if the SSN is valid, when and where the SSN was issued, the applicant’s date of birth, as well as previous addresses or names used by the applicant. RiskAware researchers compare the information that the client (or applicant) has entered to the information generated in the address history/social trace to ensure that all information has been entered correctly.

    The address history/social security trace also serves as a “roadmap” in conducting the background check. County criminal records are searched based on addresses revealed in this trace. For example, our researchers will search county courthouse records in the past 7 years of residency based on the counties listed in the address history.

  • Is it necessary to run AKAs? Doesn’t the SSN provide enough information to locate all case records?

    As mentioned above, the social security number is used to generate the address history/social trace. The vast majority of court records do not contain social security records (and those that do are often redacted). Database information and county court information is searched by name and date of birth, not by SSN. Therefore, in order to obtain records listed under a maiden or nickname, it is necessary to run all names the applicant has used, and we highly recommend doing so.

  • How do I submit my requests to RiskAware?

    Background check requests are submitted through our secure web-based system. This is typically done by your HR department, but our software also has an applicant self-service feature call SwiftAware. By using this time saving feature, a unique link is generated for each applicant. The applicant simply clicks the link, signs the electronic consent form, and completes the data entry form, reducing the burden placed on your HR staff.

  • How long will it take to get reports back?

    It typically takes 48-72 hours to get your full report.

  • Will I have one account manager?

    Yes, you have one contact who is responsible for your managing your account. In addition, you will have a back-up manager who can help in special circumstances so you’re always covered.

  • What qualifications does my account manager have?

    Your account manager will ALWAYS be a Licensed Private Investigator and FCRA Certified through The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). This ensures your account is getting the level of attention and knowledge needed to bring back the most accurate, timely results.

  • Can you help us with our risk mitigation & background check policies, and how much does this cost?

    Of course! We can work with you to put together a policy, or even do it for you. Most of our consulting services are FREE to our clients – just ask and we’ll work with you!

Red Flag

  • What are some ways our organization can use Red Flag?

    Red Flag was designed as an Incident Reporting System, but it can be used as so much more. Since Red Flag allows easy, secure two-way communication at any time of day or night, it’s a great way to keep in touch with your employees, administrators, students, vendors, or guests. It’s limited only by your needs. If you have a way you’d like to use Red Flag, just ask us and we can help get it set up for you.

  • Do we need to purchase software to run Red Flag?

    No, there is no system software required to run Red Flag. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) system, Red Flag is completely web-based. It’s hosted in a SAS 70 Level II secure location and you access it from the Internet. Any operating system (PC or Mac), any browser, and any smartphone can access Red Flag just by getting on the Internet.

  • Will Red Flag integrate with our other systems?

    Yes. Red Flag can integrate with a variety of systems to ensure your information is constantly updated across systems.

  • Can we customize Red Flag to our specific needs?

    Yes, Red Flag can be customized to make sure it’s addressing your specific needs. You can enter your own labels, buildings, locations, questions – and if there is something you can’t customize easily, just ask us – we’ve built many customizations for our clients!

  • Is the Red Flag system always available?

    Yes, as a web-based system, Red Flag is available 24/7/365.

  • How secure would our Red Flag system be?

    With 256-bit AES encryption, Red Flag is as secure as your Internet banking. There has never been any type of security issue with the system.

  • What if we need to upload a lot of files? Can Red Flag hold everything?

    Yes, since Red Flag is web-based, you have as much storage space as you need. The system expands with your needs so you never have to worry.

  • Can I generate stats & reports in Red Flag?

    Yes, you can click a button to generate real-time stats and reports on any field you’ve identified. Reports can be exported to an Excel file for easy evaluation and reference.

  • Are Red Flag’s stats & reports in real time?

    Yes, Red Flag generates stats and reports in real time, so you can instantly get a snapshot of what’s going on right now.

  • Can I use Red Flag to help predict events or issues?

    Yes, as you build a database of incidents and/or reports, you can use this information to help predict and allocate resources. With its real-time reporting and stats, Red Flag gives you the ability to look at what’s happening across your campus and be proactive in your planning. For instance, if you see there are regular issues at a certain building during a certain month, you may perhaps put an extra security person at that building.

  • How do I make sure people only see what I want them to see?

    Red Flag allows you to assign different levels of “clearance” to people to they can only access what you want them to access. This allows you to protect information that is confidential, allowing only the people who need to see it to have access. For universities, Red Flag is fully FERPA compliant.

  • Can people report through Red Flag anonymously?

    Yes, you have the option to allow anonymous reporting, or to require people to provide their name or other identifying information – it’s up to you.

  • Is Red Flag expensive?

    No – in fact, Red Flag is incredibly inexpensive. Contact us for more information on pricing.

  • What kind of technical support do you provide for Red Flag?

    Don’t worry, at RiskAware, we won’t disappear after you’ve signed on. We will provide the technical support you need to get you up & running, and keep you that way.