The network offers multiple points of backup and redundancy, ensuring the system is kept online and productive in the event of unforeseen outside circumstances. This allows complete disaster recovery in minutes and the ultimate fail-safe backup. There are two state of the art fully redundant colocation facilities, the first being in Austin and the second in Dallas, TX providing geographic separation. Both facilities host completely mirrored systems with virtual servers ready to spin up in a minutes notice to take on a full SaaS+ Enterprise Architecture load. Redundant system servers are replicated every 5 minutes, with data back up to tape every 30 minutes. Gold copies of each server are kept on the high density Dell Storage Area Networks and can be used to quickly restore a server in the event of corruption. Each colocation facility is independent of the other and offer complete redundancy.

Throughout the network within each site, there is additional redundancy. Hardware throughout each location’s network is deployed in a fault tolerant manner to prevent disruption of service in case of a failure.

Additonal features:

  • Hot spares are kept ready or running
  • Multiple components are run as a group for load balancing and continuous operations
  • Internet carrier backup – 3 independent internet carrier providers are used at the primary colocation facility and 2 independent providers at our backup facility. All 5 providers are unique and independent.
  • Power Grid: Redundant UPS systems and diesel generators
  • Redundant HVAC systems to ensure consistent temperature control
  • Testing is always done by at least two parties to verify adherence to testing scripts