Data Security

Perhaps the most important network feature in today’s environment is security and privacy against a wide variety of intentional and unintentional data integrity threats. RiskAware’s prescribed network boasts one of the industry’s most secured systems offering 256 BIT encryption, Cisco enterprise firewall, and live anti-virus protection with weekly full scans, Security patches, and automatic definition updates. Installed applications prevent against threats, while 24/7/365 system monitoring by three independent monitors with real time alerts ensures immediate detection on potential malicious behavior. Each quarter, network vulnerability testing is performed, and every week system application logs are processed for suspicious events. All server, network, and application logs are kept on each server and forwarded to a centralized location for scrubbing and analysis. A full copy is also sent to a backup location with limited access rights, to protect against log file tampering. Logs are processed weekly and extraordinary or suspicious events are flagged and reviewed. Operations staff are alerted to unexpected log contents, and investigate the causes of such events. Programming changes are subject to management protocols, with set standards for application development requiring compliance with a controlled source code available only to select staff. Only authorized team members can access production data so there is consistency in firmware, driver, and patch updates to servers and network components. Beyond those installed safety measures, network hardware is additionally physically secured within buildings through multiple security checkpoints, and closed-circuit television cameras recording all data center activity.

Client Access Security

RiskAware’s network is tri-level password protected at the application, database, and operating system levels. To access the network, Clients authenticate secured sessions by entering their own unique user and password identification, with required reset every 90 days, no use of past four, and passing minimum sophistication standards. Users will be blocked for 30 minutes for 6 failed tries, and timeout occurs after 15 minutes inactivity. Additionally, all login activity is recorded and tracked with the associated IP address logged for each successful attempt. For each order that is placed, the network stores the IP address that the order originates from. The network also tracks all emails generated within the tool. When returning information, security and privacy features are also built in to the network. Personal Identifiers and sensitive Information such as DOB’s and SSN’s are obscured on all reports that are accessible via the Internet, and also when in delivery transit (via email or fax).