You’ve worked hard to attract and acquire the best talent possible, and now it is time to protect your safe workplace. RiskAware keeps pace with your needs responding quickly to your calls and offering fast turnaround on information so you can make empowered decisions that avoid risks.

RiskAware’s team of seasoned professionals respect and understand your needs for communication and real time information.

  • RiskAware representatives respond to your requests within 24 hours, averaging calls back within four. RiskAware’s current clients are our best source for validation on our service levels. Ask us to speak to our client references!
  • For basic searches, RiskAware’s search results are returned within 24 hours – often instantly! More investigative searches average turn around in less than 72 hours for completed reports (some exceptions apply when a paper record must be retrieved from certain court houses).
  • RiskAware team members keep you up to date on the status of your searches by proactively monitoring our queues and notifying you on any delays or unusual situation.
  • Expectations will be set immediately when our experience indicates longer than typical completion times.
  • RiskAware will proactively and directly contact you on sensitive candidates or matters.
  • RiskAware system immediately notifies you if you have already entered a search for an Applicant to avoid duplicates.