Red Flag offers the following benefits to your youth or collegate sports league:

  • Coach / Volunteer Conduct

    Use Red Flag to report issues and exposures taking place within your teams or athletics organization that involve your coaches, volunteers, parents and/or players in unsafe, unwarranted, illegal, and/or potentially unintentionally harming conduct or behavior. Best protect youth and promote safety by opening a channel of confidential communication to identify potentially threatening or concerning behavior.

  • Cheating

    Enable the confidential and anonymous reporting using Red Flag, of collusion or cheating between team members, coaches, parents, and other sport organizations agents; to fix outcomes of competitive games and environments.

  • Rules or Ethics Violations

    Ensure your sport organizations compliance with Rules and Ethical Codes of Conduct by providing Red Flag reporting to capture instances of violations.

  • Gifts / Gratuity / Undue Influence

    Use Red Flag to enable communication on any misuse of influence by coaches, athletes, parents, or other agents of sport, by reporting inappropriate solicitations of gifts or gratuities in excess of rules and that threaten the fairness of your athletic process.