Red Flag is used by colleges, universities, and K12 institutions nationwide. The following are some common use cases:

  • Academic integrity

    Allow for easy, anonymous reporting of academic integrity issues, ensuring your university maintains the highest possible quality levels. Use Red Flag to report cheating, plagiarism, or grades violations.

  • Dorm management

    Easy way for Resident Assistants, students, or monitors to report and manage dorm incidents, helping keep residence halls safe & secure

  • Athletic Integrity

    Proactively identify and address at-risk student-athletes. Assist Athletic Department, Advisors, coaches and faculty identify issues related to student-athletes before a concern escalates. Members of your community can report concerns that put your student athlete, department of athletics program, and organizational reputation at risk. Use RiskAware’s Red Flag system to report issues of academic performance, conduct and behavior, and rules compliance.

  • Behavioral Intervention System (CARE Team)

    Use Red Flag to identify and address students of concern, so increased attention may be proactively administered. By using Red Flag to report students exhibiting concerning conduct, reviewed by your Behavioral Intervention, Threat Awareness, or CARE team, you are afforded an early alert system by which your campus community can better participate in the well being and progress of each student and as well help protect your organization. RiskAware’s Red Flag systems helps you proactively identify and immediately connect with at-risk students to achieve success by better supporting at-risk students, and executing proactive intervention programs triggered by the immediately alert of your response teams. By using Red Flag in your Conduct Office or Behavioral Intervention teams, you have a tool for capturing alert data and performing analysis so that student conduct concerns can be better managed and risk avoided.

  • Faculty / Class Management

    Red Flag enables faculty and staff to easily submit concerns to Department Administration through a custom on-line form that is routed to the professionals you designate. Instructors can easily identify students of concern indicating when a student is at-risk directed towards those assigned to respond. Using Red Flag Reports, Faculty may proactively create an early alert about a student who is at risk in the classroom, so that action can be taken more immediately to draw assistance.

  • Title IX Cases

    Use RiskAware’s Red Flag system to capture details on Title IX reported cases to quickly alert you Title IX Compliance teams and offices to issues that need your attention and management. Secure your organizations responsiveness and awareness to circumstances which may be endangering student’s access to education, threatening safety, or may have implication to your equity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Physical Plant Maintenance

    Use RiskAware’s Red Flag system as a web-based maintenance issue reporting, tracking, and completion tool. Set up a web based Report Form so that members of your community can easily report issues to teams responsible to maintain facilities and physical plant operations. Red Flag’s Incident Manager Dashboard enables quick access to reports for assignment to maintenance engineers and staff who can close out complaints and document action. Use system analysis tools to perform analytics revealing trends and highlighting areas of frequent reported concerns.