RiskAware searches are led by FCRA Certified Licensed Private Investigators (LPI’s) who extend their knowledge to deepen your searches and results. Ask us about our proven track record of finding records others missed.

  • RiskAware’s average LPI experience is 7 years. Because of this, s/he will know when – and how – to dig deeper to find the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • RiskAware Verifications and Criminal Research are investigated in house, not outsourced to 3rd Parties, even for many types of International Searches. There is no premium for in-house verifications.
  • RiskAware LPIs make daily decisions on how to conduct searches and use sources more expertly so information is obtained faster and with less cost. We understand when Database searches are comprehensive and accurate, and when repositories are unreliable and should be avoided in favor of other methods to ensure FCRA compliance. Our LPIs are knowledgeable on the intricacies of each local, county, state, or country-specific markets and the rules which governing access to information; supervising compliance with applicable regulation and law.
  • RiskAware LPIs can review your organizations screening requirements and recommend low-cost packages that can address your budget issues, while still addressing your risk mitigation needs.
  • RiskAware LPIs keep searching until the information is retrieved, without upcharge for the number of attempts.