RiskAware’s Employment Verifications confirm an applicant’s past employment history directly with previous employers to verify dates of employment, starting and ending position and/or title, salary (if requested), reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire. If the employer has authorized a third party to provide employment history, RiskAware Verification Specialists will obtain needed information from third party services as required, providing fax, email, or written releases as needed to obtain the requested information from past employers.

RiskAware’s Employment Verification process checks to be sure that your applicant’s past responsibilities match what is indicated on his or her resume and/or job application and particularly where qualifying this experience is essential for consideration. If determined, an intentional misstatement, overstatement, or embellishment may indicate a mark of character that would pose an unnecessary hiring risk to your organization.

Employment Verification Benefits:

  • Verifies all types of employment, including self-employment and military
  • Experienced with using automated sites including The Work Number, Thomas and Thorngren, Empcheck, Inverify, Employers Unity
  • Will contact employer directly if not using an automated site
  • When client data does not match automated sites, RiskAware follows up with employer directly.
  • Requests salary information unless employer will not share or laws prevent
  • No fees for additional tries
  • International employment verifications, often without upcharge