RiskAware Reference Verification interviews help employers gather character-based information on an applicant’s skills, ethics, habits, demeanor, and abilities beyond what is listed on their resume. Once provided with names and contact information, RiskAware investigators will reach an applicant’s colleagues, coworkers, supervisors, educators, or personal references such as friends or acquaintances to better assess others’ insights and perceptions of your candidate’s:

  • Job skills
  • Communication skills
  • Professional reputation
  • People skills and ability to work with others
  • Personality and attitude
  • Integrity and conduct in a work environment
  • Dedication and work ethic
  • Accomplishment and past performance,
  • Strengths
  • Areas for improvement
  • Level of motivation
  • Quality and quantity of work
  • Time management.
  • Attendance and reliability

RiskAware’s in-depth interviews are structured using a traditional set of questions or can be customized based upon client job or industry specific need. As past performance is often a strong indicator of future performance, a comprehensive Reference Check Interview may be the best single data point predicting a good hiring decision.