• Statewide Criminal Court Records Search Investigations – o Statewide Criminal Search – Where available, a statewide criminal record investigation identifies an applicant’s criminal record by searching the state’s repository or court systems for felony and misdemeanor records reported into the state by all counties. Typically, Statewide Criminal Databases are managed by the State Police or State Department of Public Safety, and in some states when comprehensive of all counties, are dependable, and well managed. Other states, such as California, do not offer statewide searches.


  • However, not all states who offer statewide search information can be trusted to meet FCRA regulations. In some states not all counties provide information to the state level, or there may be a time lag affecting data accuracy related to disposition, update status, and pending charge. This then causes additional requirements for investigation and expense. .


o RiskAware has experience knowing which States provide Statewide Searches that are as reliable as county criminal court records searches and which do not, and can direct you accordingly on how to view and use this option to increase available records information and reduce cost.