• County Criminal Court Records Search – RiskAware’s County Criminal Court Records Investigation retrieves the most accurate and up-to-date criminal records on file matched to your candidate obtained directly through the courthouse and determine if an applicant/employee has a felony, misdemeanor, infraction and/or pending charge within that specific county. While research is generally narrowed to within the last seven years to comply with laws in many States, RiskAware will investigate any legally reportable conviction regardless of timeline , giving you detail on the final “disposition” of each criminal record and reporting it to you within the boundaries of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, State Laws, and now EEOC guidelines. In most of the country, county criminal court records can only be obtained by appearing physically at the courthouse to access the requested public record. To meet this requirement RiskAware partners with a proven network of Court Runners who are physically present in over 3,400 counties and 10,000 courts to obtain RiskAware requested search data and relay results. In some instances courts have begun to provide on-line access to criminal record information, though in our experience this information is not always comprehensive or up-to-date regarding final disposition. As a result, RiskAware only utilizes online county criminal information as a back-up to the standard county courthouse search performed by our court runners.