• National Criminal  / Sex Offender Database Search
  • RiskAware’s National Criminal /Sex Offender Database Search- An industry leading Instant Criminal and Sex Offender database search that offers international, multi-jurisdictional, and FCRA compliant information pulled from over 1,100 sources combining over 614 million court, correction, state and federal agency criminal and sex offense records, reported from within all 50 states plus DC, Puerto Rico and Guam. With thousands of new records added daily, RiskAware’s National Criminal / Sex Offender Database search helps identify criminal activity comprehensive to states and counties who provide this information electronically.

RiskAware’s National Criminal / Sex Offender Database search determines individuals convicted of sexual offenses as maintained on the national and state level. RiskAware’s National Criminal /Sex Offender Search checks all publically available sex offender registries and is an essential check for any organization whose employees deal with sensitive populations such as children, the elderly, disabled individuals, or employees whose duties require them to enter a private residence.

  • Per FCRA legal requirements any “hits” RiskAware finds within this database are further investigated at the county level to confirm the information accuracy, final disposition, and reportability.


It is important to note and acknowledge that there is no commercially available National Criminal Database Check available from any competitor that can offer a truly “national” scope. This is because there are over 3200 counties in the US and not all of them report into Databases on all types of criminal activity, via a common method, or in the same ranges of information. Nor can any Database “hit” no matter how comprehensive, be assumed 100% accurate and up to date without further investigation, based upon how often counties and states upload data into databases. Instant criminal data is broad-based and allows records to be quickly pulled from across the country. County-level and state-level searches have greater pinpoint accuracy, and are often used to validate the results of an instant database search..